Meet the Bugatti Tourbillon

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Meet the Bugatti Tourbillon
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The Bugatti Chiron replacement has finally been unveiled! Meet the Bugatti Tourbillon!

Mat’s flown over to France to get up close and personal with this all-new hypercar, and he’s being given a guided tour of it with Bugatti’s CEO, Mate Rimac!

So let’s check out what’s new compared to the Chiron. When it comes to the design, there are a whole lot of changes. It’s a brand-new car from the ground up, with no hints of Chiron remaining bar classic design cues such as the horseshoe grille and two-tone C-shape in the rear quarter. Around the back, there is an absolutely massive diffuser, coupled with a huge light bar that has the brand name built into the light. Along the side, the classic Chiron shape remains, while up front there are several vents, including ‘flying fenders’ which guide air under the headlights & around the side of the car.

Step inside and the design is classic Bugatti. The level of luxury is absolutely incredible, with absolutely no plastic to be found throughout. There are no visible screens anywhere, although a small screen will pop out of the dash to allow phone mirroring & the camera feed for the reversing camera. What’s more, there’s no digital driver display – the entire instrument cluster is analogue, with the gears that run fully visible. These are also framed by a gorgeous steering wheel which rotates around them. All-in-all, it looks absolutely stunning!

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