New Mercedes-AMG GT review: Better than a 911?!

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New Mercedes-AMG GT review: Better than a 911?!
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Mat’s got his hands on the all-new Mercedes-AMG GT! We’ve got our hands on the AMG GT 63 edition, and he’s about to see if it can compete with class leaders like the Porsche 911 Turbo S and Aston Martin Vantage! So first off, let’s check out the design. Even though it’s an all-new GT, there’s no denying it’s unmistakably recognisable as an AMG GT.

Around the back, you’ll find a cool new tail light design, and although there’s a diffuser and some vents, the stick of truth has found them all to be fake! Despite sharing the same underpinnings as the AMG SL, the only thing borrowed from this car’s design can be found along the side – the doors! Everything else is unique to the GT. Up front, you’ll find the instantly recognisable aggressive-style grille, coupled with a load of vents which are actually real! Step inside and the GT is a lovely car to be in.

There’s Alcantara on the steering wheel and you’ll find weighty metal paddle shifters on either side, and there’s a huge infotainment screen on the centre of the dash. The turbine-style vents look cool, but unfortunately, there’s quite a bit of cheap materials to be found in the cabin. What’s more, the cover for the sun visor has to be operated manually! Not what you would expect to find in a car that costs from £165,000.

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